Oh look: here’s Karma and her foal (well, yearling now), Saffy!! No wait! It’s a couple of wild zebra in the Kruger National Park. 🙂 I find zebras so serene and was hoping to run across some during our early morning safari. Luckily, we came across two zebras quietly strolling and enjoying the warm rays of the sun.

As they came towards our safari truck, I couldn’t help but glance at their hooves – was there a mustang roll? were the toes too long or the heels too high? They had perfect hooves from what I could see and this just shows how the horse family in the wild maintain their own hooves.

The zebras sauntered along the road and one even came closer to my side of the truck, stopped and posed for a photo.


Naturally trimmed hooves!


Hey human: I’m posing for you, take my photo.