In our bedroom, we have a colourful rug that we lovingly refer to as The Australian Rug. It reminds me of the vibrant colours of the red heart of Australia with its golden grasses and ochre-coloured rocks.

Zeph usually basks in the morning sun on this rug. The dogs are not allowed in our bedroom but, when we notice one of them is missing, we just saunter upstairs because we know we’ll find one of them lying on the plush rug.¬† You’re probably saying to yourself close the friggin’ bedroom door, then the dogs won’t get in. Good thinking except: they scratch at the door in their efforts to get to the rug. And since they just luxuriate or snooze on the rug, we don’t really mind.

The other day, little diva dog, Zsa Zsa, was conspicuous by her absence. I found her upstairs on the rug looking a little guilty. This is probably because Zeph usually spends his time on the rug and so maybe she thought I was Zeph coming into the room. I caught the look of slight guilt on her face for us to see in today’s post!