Well, it’s not really raining men but when I want to belt out a song (yes, I do sing from time to time) – I belt out It’s Raining Men. I’m talking the original version from the early 1980s by The Weather Girls not the Geri Halliwell version. And speaking of singing – since I was a kid, I’ve always been singing and even had singing (and dancing) lessons. I can belt out a tune reasonably well but I had no idea, until recently, that my father had a great singing voice.

I never heard Dad sing. He loved music and we used to listen to stuff together. I have another blog about my Dad’s WWII exploits and a fighter pilot who flew with him contacted me last year via the blog. We’ve struck up a bit of an email friendship and he asked me whether I had ever heard my father sing. When I responded zippo on that, he told me that Dad used to sing in bars and pubs when the squadron was on R&R and that he sang very well. Who knew!

But back to raining. It’s been RAINING all over New Zealand these last few days. We’ve been hit by some stormy weather pattern drifting across the country. The small stream that runs through our property is now a small river. Zeph loves running and splashing about in the rain but this equals muddy paws and El Hubs gets hysterical. Zsa Zsa simply hates having her paws wet and refuses to venture very far. She much prefers relaxing by the log fire thank you very much.

We’re hoping that the stream doesn’t swell much more. The water is rushing down from the surrounding mountains and the horses have basically taught themselves scuba diving. 🙂 All of the paddocks are pretty well soaked but I’ll have to find one that is less like a swimming pool and move the horses there. The South Island of NZ in Winter – gotta love it. NOT.


The water is rushing under the bridge that leads to our house.


The stream flows under the bridge and heads towards the arena – before turning left and down the other side of the property.