This week we’ve been preparing for The Snow. In 2011 and 2012, I was in Rome and missed the annual dump of the white stuff. So I was mildly excited that a polar blast was coming our way. Yeah, right: I’m over it already.

At around 1.00am this morning, the snow started. When we woke up and looked out, it was a truly beautiful sight. The first thing that struck me was the quiet. Snow muffles sound and a thick blanket of white snow seems to muffle the eye too. All is serene. Eerily serene.

Zeph and Zsa Zsa looked momentarily confused when they rushed outside. Then they started playing in the snow. Zeph ended up shivering so they had to come inside and be rugged up and plonked before the log fire. It actually hasn’t been too cold and the horses are fine in the paddocks. But tomorrow, high winds are expected along with snow for the next two days. That could mean the horses will get cold and so it will up to the stables for them.

After a few hours of schlepping around in the snow, carrying bales of hay and coping with wet dogs – I’m OVER IT. The next three days will be wet snow and then….get this…we’ll get five days of SUN. Then one day of snow again; then SUN.

Wellington has been battered and flights cancelled. Local farmers around here were saying that this will be the worst snow since 1992. No idea what happened in 1992 but it did have us a bit worried. So we spent this week preparing the property and making sure we had enough food in case…of what we weren’t sure. But power cuts would be a start. Frozen water pipes another issue. Flooding from all the rain and then melting snow.

Counting the minutes until Sunday when the sun will make a VERY welcome appearance.


As we opened the door this morning at the front of the house – we were met with a Winter Wonderland.


I like to sit at this table and have my morning coffee. Not this morning!