Zsa Zsa is NOT happy. We’re into our second day of wild weather. One minute it’s snow; the next minute it’s rain; then strong winds. A polar blast has most certainly hit us.

Zeph LOVES running and playing in the snow. Zsa Zsa goes out for one moment but then rushes back inside to the warmth. She spends her days snuggling into a variety of fleecy dog blankets. Zeph will come inside every now and then – usually to get a bone so he can spend an hour or so in the warmth.

By all accounts, we’re two thirds of the way through this blast of foul weather. On Sunday, we are expecting to see an unusual object – THE SUN. Yippee! And we will get at least four or five days of sunny weather.

I’m just hoping it’s enough to dry things out. The horses are doing okay. They turn their backs to the rain and snow. I stabled them all the first night because the wind chill factor was a bit worrying.

It would be all quite exciting – this snow stuff – if it was only for one day. But three days is starting to get on the nerves!


Outside is a blanket of snow but inside is a very happy English Pointer, snuggled up.


What’s a dog to do when it’s snowing all the time? Come inside for a bone of course!


First light of Day 2 – Zsa Zsa inspects the scene outside and is NOT happy. Look at the top of the photo – brrrr!