I remember when I first got Karma, a person said to me oh, chestnut mares; don’t like them. Since then, which is three years ago, a few people have commented that they don’t like Karma’s colouring. What the? I’d kill to have hair the colour of Karma’s coat.

Of course, over the ages, redheads have been accused of having fiery tempers. Karma is actually quite placid; except when it comes to Muff. She enjoys the sport of chasing him all over the paddock! And redheads with green eyes were associated with witchcraft in the Middle Ages. Karma is certainly no witch she’ll have you know.

A young girl often comes to ride Muffy but has taken a shine to Karma. So the two of them spent time getting to know each other. I’m just envious of the combined long, glossy red hair thing going on!


Karma says: I have far more red hair than this young girl I’ll have you know!!