Yikes, I’ve been so busy this last week. Sorry for the lack of posts. I’ll improve: promise. Earlier this year, I became a Lushaholic. I admit it.

Because I follow them on Facebook, I was aware that Christmas in July was happening at Lush. And that means – Snow Fairy, which apparently causes Lushaholics to rush into the store en masse. Snow Fairy is a limited edition shower gel that is released at Christmas time but I didn’t know it also made an appearance during July. So when I saw the FB announcement, I was determined to lay my hands on Snow Fairy. I rang the Lush shop in Christchurch and asked them to put a bottle aside.

It seems this was a smart idea. The Christmas in July collection was available in store last Monday and, when I rushed in on Tuesday, I was told that Snow Fairy was selling fast. I guess this shower gel is Lush’s ode to all things pink and bubble-gummy. It’s super sweet, candy-smelling and you need just a little bit to lather up. I’ve read that some people are concerned with the blue glitter but I don’t see any glitter in the gel. The scent faintly lingers in my bathroom and I can see that one pink bottle will last me a long time. So far, I’m really enjoying Snow Fairy and I can see what all the fuss is about.

The Christmas in July collection had some other goodies I picked up. Let The Good Times Roll is a cleanser and a real find. The ingredients are: Maize flour, Glycerine, Talc, Water, Corn oil, Polenta, Fair Trade Organic Cinnamon Powder, Perfume, Gardenia Extract, and Popcorn. Yes, you read correctly popcorn. I’m not quite sure what the popcorn is supposed to do but the cleanser smells yummy (reminds me of caramel sauce) and the cinnamon gives it punch. Since it’s an exfoliating cleanser, I don’t need to use my Clarisonic because the fine grains help to gently get rid of any dry skin. My normal cleanser is Angels on Bare Skin by Lush but I’m SO hoping this beauty comes out again this coming Christmas as I’ll be stocking up.

I also bought a piece of Snowcake soap, which is part of the Christmas in July collection. I haven’t tried this soap yet but a sniff of it in the shop told me it will be a favourite (although it will be hard to beat Karma soap by Lush). It smells a bit like the marzipan that tops a rich piece of Christmas fruitcake.

And, finally, I picked up Karma perfume. I’m somewhat obsessed with Karma (not my horse, Karma – I mean the signature scent of Lush!). I adore Karma soap and, every day, I slap on Karma Kream – a body lotion with an almond oil base, orange flower water and patchouli oil. It’s not that heavy 1960’s patchouli stink; it’s far more subtle. The Karma perfume is wonderful: warm, spicy and with a hint of orange. I believe it was launched in 1995 and El Hubs, who never comments on my perfume, asked me the other day what I was wearing (he likes it). Layering it with Karma Kream ensures that I surround myself with good karma all day long!


L-R: Let The Good Times Roll facial cleanser; Karma perfume; Snow Fairy shower gel; Snowcake soap.


A great exfoliating cleanser – I want to eat it because it smells so scrumptious!


Karma perfume is warm and spicy; whilst Snow Fairy is sweet and soft.