Where there’s a car, you’re likely to find diva dog Zsa Zsa. She is somewhat obsessed with riding around in cars. When she hears the rattling of the car keys, she rushes to our four-wheel drive and jumps in when we open the door. Both dogs travel with us and are excellent travellers.

Although, I should qualify this statement. Zsa Zsa adores being driven around. She looks out and sometimes barks at passing dogs. She snoozes and snores. In contrast, Zeph is not so keen on the car. We think this brings back memories of puppyhood, when he was travelling with us and threw up on the back seat. Yeah, great. Ever since then, he’s been somewhat reluctant to get in our car. But he tolerates the whole driving around business by immediately falling asleep and staying that way until we reach home.

The other day, El Hubs was working on the car and had the doors open. Neither of us realised that Zsa Zsa had climbed in and decided to have a snooze. When I went outside to talk with El Hubs, I discovered the little diva dog snoozing away.

On the back seat, we put blankets, cushions and sheets to protect the upholstery and give the dogs a comfortable seat. Normally, Zsa Zsa takes her pink elk blanket with her but, since she wasn’t really travelling, she had to put up with what was in the car.