We’re kind of wondering why the heck we moved to the South Island of New Zealand. Beautiful as it is, we hadn’t anticipated the varied weather. It’s an island, so yeah, you get island-like weather: heavy rain, wild storms and wind, the odd hail. And….snow. We had a huge dump of snow around June 24 and, over the weekend, we had another dump. Lighter this time and very pretty. It wasn’t THAT cold and, thankfully, there was no wind accompanying the snow to bring that wind chill factor.

The horses were very stoic about the whole thing. I kept them very warm by providing plenty of hay. I don’t cover my horses and you can read about why here. The only time I’m going to worry is if a horse isn’t well or there’s cold, wind and snow all at once (bringing with it a nasty wind chill). I looked out at one point to see Saffy running around the paddock like a wild thing – this was when we had a brief spell of hail. This was her first hail experience, so she might have been a bit frightened. But I noticed that Miss Rosie went up to her (as the concerned Aunt) and Saffy stopped running and fell in with Rosie. Cute.

Zeph and Zsa Zsa LOVE rushing around and playing in the snow. Then they start shivering and we have to bring them inside, towel dry them, wrap them up in blankets and plonk them in front of the log fire. After half an hour or so, they rush back out. Dogs, sheesh!

El Hubs and I have been talking about our next move. We don’t see ourselves living here long term; maybe a few more years because the township is definitely growing and getting more interesting. I have my heart set on living in Italy, which we can do as El Hubs is an EU citizen. But we’re also thinking of the North Island, up near my Uncle. Time will tell as they say!


Miss Rosie and Saffy get on extremely well – it’s like an Aunt/niece thing.


Danny is very stoic. He stands and waits it out.

The snow was lighter this time.

Doubt I’ll be having my morning coffee on this outdoor table!