Cue Hollywood music people! I have an uplifting story for us. I decided it was time to separate Saffy from her mum, Karma. She was separated when weaned but I felt she needed to become more independent. And I wanted to start her schooling and teach her some good manners.

I split the herd: Karma and Muff were together in one large paddock, whilst Saffy experienced daily horse life with Miss Rosie and Danny. Danny is my most experienced horse. He’s 16 years old, an ex-pacer and stoic. He’s very well-behaved and I thought he wouldn’t tolerate Saffy’s juvenile carry-on.

Saffy hasn’t quite got the hang of horse language yet, particularly the ears pinned back situation. When a horse pins its ears back, it basically means I’m angry, watch out. You ignore this warning and you’re likely to then get the teeth bared and biting situation. Saffy has often ignored the ears pinned back, only to experience being bitten on the neck or bum. Her own mother nips her and still Saffy doesn’t get it.

I noticed though with Danny, he would flatten his ears, bite Saffy and then Saffy would be very wary of Danny. When it came to hay time, Miss Rosie gave Saffy warning nips and so, over two weeks, Saffy learnt that she was not top horse but bottom of the herd of three. A very good lesson for her.

I then decided to reunite Saffy and Karma. I don’t think Saffy missed her mum but Karma very clearly missed her daughter. They were separated by two paddocks but I purposely let them see each other so Saffy would gain comfort. But it wasn’t Saffy who needed the comfort because I often saw Karma standing and staring across at her foal.

The reunion photo below really needs some tear-jerking, emotional Hollywood music don’t you think? What music would you cue?


Mother and daughter run to each other after being separated for two weeks. Awww!