Seven Pointers. Walking. You’d think that might end up in chaos and tangled dog leashes wouldn’t you? Not when you walk with our friend who has five Pointers and all are extremely well-behaved.

She has four females and one male. And the male just happens to be Zeph’s father, Sam. And one of the bitches, Bingkey, is Zeph’s aunt.

Last Sunday, we all went for a walk. Me, El Hubs, our friend, Zeph and diva dog, Zsa Zsa, plus the five Pointers. We caused quite a sensation in the township – people slowed their car to look as we walked, whilst others asked to pat the dogs.

Little Zsa Zsa has been out walking with me and the local dog club, so she is quite relaxed. But this was the first time we’d taken Zeph along. Zeph has all his male bits and his Dad, Sam, was a stud dog. So we were a bit worried about the reaction when they met. But Sam is a dog show veteran and is used to all sorts of dogs around him. He tends to ignore them, which is exactly what he did to Zeph.

Zeph quickly fell into the walking routine and loved every minute of it. We even visited the local markets without Zeph jumping all over the stalls and destroying everything. Praise be to the dog Gods!


Zeph can hardly contain himself, he’s so excited. His Dad, Sam, is third from the left, whilst his Aunt, Bingkey, is far right. She and Zsa Zsa look alike even though they are not related.


The five Pointers walk extremely well together. Zeph and Zsa Zsa fell into line, along with El Hubs!