A friend’s son, Oli, is probably the most laid back 16 year old I’ve ever known. His horse is called Snoopy and he’s a beautiful Arab. I’ve ridden him a few times and I call him Snoop Dog. Snoopy is as laid back as his owner (even though Arabs aren’t known for being chilled).

My friend came round the other day for a horse play day. We play some games with the horses, then go for a ride. She was riding a Welsh Arab cross who was a bit high energy on the day – it was the first time this horse had been in the arena. I was riding Miss Rosie who was far more interested in checking out the two horses in the arena than she was riding.

At one point, I looked over to see Oli sitting cross-legged on Snoopy. Both just chilling in the sun.


Just chilling.


My friend’s beautiful Welsh Arab cross.