Phwoar. It’s been an unusually mild Winter so far. There have been days when I almost broke out a T-shirt. We took a four-day trip to Dunedin this week – more on this in future posts – and most days, we felt quite warm.

Spring is not until September 1st but, already, the daffodils are sprouting up out of the ground getting ready to bloom. And I spotted some gorgeous blue flowers (help Irene! Blue Pansies? ) in the Secret Garden the other day. The grass around the house is growing fast and the Winter coats of the horses are beginning to shed.

What’s going on here? Climate change? Some planetary warming cycle that’s happened many times over millions of years? I just hope it doesn’t mean a very hot Summer. Last Summer was pushing it a bit on some days. The temperature would climb to 28C/82F and, on some days, would hit over 30C. I was used to hot days in Sydney, where the humidity could make it sticky; but here, the days are hot without the humidity.

In some ways, it’s easier to cope with but, during the heat of the day, we’d often be inside behind closed curtains!


The daffodils are starting to break through the warm ground.