I told you about Cathy earlier this year. She’s a young French girl I met nearly a year ago and she comes out regularly from Christchurch to visit my horses.

She’s a very good dressage rider and misses her horse back home. My horses are more than happy to be stand-ins because they get showered with attention when she visits. Particularly Danny – he adores Cathy. She’s ridden Danny but most of the time they just chill out together.

Cathy visited last weekend and had lunch with us. This time, Saffy was VERY curious and Cathy decided to spend some time with her. Hilarious. Saffy was so curious she was totally in-your-face and completely forgot her lessons about appropriate horse/human space. She wanted to sniff Cathy’s hair, nibble her clothes and follow her everywhere. I think Danny was a bit jealous but Cathy then devoted the afternoon to him. We took Danny and Miss Rosie to the arena and played some games.

Zeph and Zsa Zsa are beside themselves whenever Cathy visits. Zeph, who usually dislikes travelling in cars (although he tolerates it), literally jumps into Cathy’s car when she arrives and opens the door. Cathy loves the dogs and is very tolerant of Zeph’s puppy-like enthusiasm.

I really look forward to Cathy’s visits. And I reckon being friends with a 21-year old will help to keep me young at heart. 🙂


The ever curious, in-your-face Saffy is, well, in Cathy’s face!


Saffy and Cathy greet each other.