What can I say Dear Reader? Zeph is a problem child. Not only does he continue to sunbake on our outdoor mosaic table; now he steals birthday cake.

Here is the sorry tale. A friend of mine had her birthday on August 9 and El Hubs’ birthday was August 6. My grandfather’s birthday was August 5. I’m surrounded by Leos!

So Saturday night, August 10, we had a birthday party for my friend and El Hubs. I decided to whip up a decadent cake – Black Magic cake with White Chocolate Buttercream. Death by chocolate basically. In total, I spent about 4 hours baking and decorating it.

Before doing the cake, I’d whipped up a cardamon hazelnut torte for dessert and I placed the birthday cake on the kitchen table. I hasten to add that Zeph and Zsa Zsa do not go near the kitchen table. It’s a No Dog Zone.

But clearly Zeph didn’t get the memo. As we were finishing up the torte in the dining area, my friend heard a noise and asked where is Zeph? He’d last been spotted fast asleep in front of the log fire in the living room. Thankfully, our friends are dog lovers and have two boxers – so Zeph and diva dog, Zsa Zsa, love it when they come around because they are showered with pats and hugs.

I zoomed into the living room to find Zeph had moved from his comfy warm place. I rounded the corner to the kitchen and found him licking his chops. He’d eaten about a third of the birthday cake!!!

I was so stunned, there was that 30 second thing going on. In my head, I was thinking – what the? Has Zeph really been eating this? It’s a chocolate cake and chocolate is poisonous for dogs – oh nooooo! I snatched the cake away and my friend rushed in. She couldn’t contain her laughter. All Zeph could do was eagerly follow me as I flung the cake into the oven (very handy for getting things out of a dog’s way).

El Hubs and my friend’s hubby came in and we all started talking about what to do. Should we ring the vet? We figured he’d eaten a fair bit so I immediately rang another friend who has five Pointers. She works at the breeder’s kennels where Zeph and Zsa Zsa go for day care or doggy vacation.

Whilst I’m trying to ask her whether we should cart Zeph off to have his stomach pumped, my friend is laughing and asking whether Zeph wants a cup of tea to go with the rest of the cake. Yeah, very funny. Then she told me that one of her female Pointers, Bingkey, had stolen two huge blocks of chocolate one day and scoffed both of them. And survived.

So we all decided that he’d probably be okay and spent the rest of the night watching him for any signs of vomiting. We rescued the other half of the cake and all had a piece. I must say it was one of my better cakes; no wonder Zeph liked it.

Zeph had a very good night’s sleep and is his usual active self today. Phew!


The cake before Zeph sampled it. I fully intended to take a snap of my friend cutting the birthday cake.


But before I could take a photo of the cake being cut – Zeph had demolished about a third of it. We split it in half and ate the non-sampled side.