I’m a sucker for anything Art Deco. If I could design my own house, it would be either full on Art Deco or 1970s complete with orange carpets and mustard walls. But really, Art Deco is my favourite architectural and jewellery style. So imagine my delight when I found a gorgeous Art Deco glass milk jug whilst checking out the interesting shops in Oamaru.

The historic area of Oamaru has lots of great shops – an art gallery, limestone sculpture workshop, curios and antiques, arts and crafts, a bakery and cafes. I found my little amber glass milk jug in the curio section of an art gallery, way up on the top floor of a building. And I say way up because there were a ton of steep stairs ascending to the very top floor of an old grainstore. El Hubs and I went up and down many of these stairs in different shops, which had all been part of the original grainstore. Must have lost a kilo at least.  🙂

As usual, I’ll be ending up like my mother when it comes to antiques or vintage stuff. I buy the item and then consider it too precious to use – OMG what if it breaks? So it gets stashed in some cupboard to be dragged out and admired every now and then. Zeph at least gets to appreciate the milk jug before it disappears – that’s his nose in the photo below, sniffing the new item on the table.

IMG_0505 IMG_0507 IMG_0508