I’m in Wellington this week, chairing this conference. Not such great timing because, late last week, NZ’s capital experienced a 6.6 rattler. But the conference is still going ahead and hey, I’m from the Christchurch area where we have REAL quakes LOL. I do hope there won’t be any shaking, rattling and rolling whilst I’m in Welly though. After the conference, I’m visiting my Uncle who lives about an hour out of Wellington.

So there won’t be many posts over the next few days. Don’t go off and unsubscribe though as I’ll be back (as Arnie would say). I must update you on a fantastic package I received from Moscow from someone who reads this blog and I need to review the French restaurant in Dunedin, which we visited about three weeks ago.

For today’s post though, I want to show you some stuff I bought on my recent breeze through Oamaru. There’s a fascinating little shop there called Lavish Soap where you can buy wonderful handcrafted soap and skincare. I picked up three items but haven’t tried them yet. I’ll do a review when finished up.

I bought a very delicately-scented Almond soap, a goat’s milk soap and a tub of goat’s milk and flaxseed oil cream to use as a moisturiser. There was so much more I could have bought but restrained myself. It was great to see a shop like this with NZ-made products. It’s pretty much no-frills packaging but who cares? The tub cost NZ$20.00 and, from the tester in the shop, I can tell this cream will last for ages.

IMG_0586 IMG_0591