My favourite time of the year Dear Reader. It’s here! Those few weeks before the calendar turns over to September 1st and the arrival of Spring. Each year, at around this time, I glance at the weeping willow in the front yard and wait for it to awaken from its Winter sleep. The gorgeous cherry blossom next to it usually doesn’t blossom until around October. This is unusual because other cherry blossoms around the property bloom earlier, especially so since this Winter has been rather mild. It’s now getting dark at around 6.00pm instead of 5.15pm.

Very soon, it will be warm enough for me to sit under the embracing fronds of my weeping willow. I like to spread a blanket underneath it and chill with the dogs or have my morning cuppa. And when the cherry blossom is in full swing, the soft green of the willow and the pink and white of the cherry blossom signal to me that Summer has arrived. And Summer in New Zealand is fantastic. None of the blistering or sweltering heat of Australia. Just lovely warm, often hot days, with cooler nights that you can actually sleep through. And daylight to around 10.00pm or later. Bring it on New Zealand!


One of the cherry blossoms on the property is starting to awaken.


The beautiful weeping willow shows the first stirrings of life after Winter.