So you know I recently visited Dunedin and Oamaru. I’ll post some photos of Dunedin soon. It’s a quirky little city and I had one of the best desserts EVER. El Hubs and I ate at Two Chefs bistro on the Sunday night we arrived. Unfortunately, I managed to drop my iPhone on the floor as my main meal was served – it hasn’t been the same since and I didn’t get too many photos of the bistro or food.

Two Chefs has a Parisian theme going on and is tastefully decorated. Since it was a Sunday night, we basically had the restaurant to ourselves. For my main meal, I chose the vegetarian tasting plate. I simply can’t remember what that plate was all about – I was too busy fretting over my iPhone. But I can tell you that it was yummo although, for NZ$30.00, I did think the serving size was a tad on the small side and the price a bit hefty.

But forget the main meal, Dear Reader, because the dessert was sensational! I had panna cotta with burnt caramel icecream, frangelico and coffee syrup, with popcorn crumble. They should have called this dessert OMG. Smooth. Creamy. Sensual. Just three words I’d be using to describe this dessert. The popcorn crumble was very subtle but added great texture. All the flavours worked together and resulted in the best dessert I’ve had in ages. A decent sized serving for NZ$14.00 too.

El Hubs had the dark chocolate and cardamon tart with Cointreau icecream and Turkish Delight jewels. Turkish Delight jewels? Turned out these were little bits of chewy Turkish Delight sitting on top of the tart. El Hubs declared the dessert to be rich but nowhere near as good as my panna cotta, which I had to fiercely guard after he decided to taste it.

Service was very good and the wait staff friendly. I did notice that the bistro was a little on the cold side but this wouldn’t deter me from returning, simply for the panna cotta dessert. I can thoroughly recommend Two Chefs in Dunedin.


Vegetarian tasting plate.


Dessert menu.


El Hubs’ dessert.


The OMG dessert.

IMG_0899 IMG_0900