I’ve not seen a horse before in Zeph and Zsa Zsa’s Secret Garden. But Crumpet decided to check out what goes on in this secret dog place.

Who, you ask, is Crumpet? She’s a gorgeous Arab Welsh that belongs to a Kiwi mate. I’ve been doing some Equine Touch therapy on Crumpet. About two years ago, I did an Equine Touch course and learnt non-invasive moves you can do at particular points on the horse’s body. ET helps to balance and relax the horse and I’ve been practicing on my five ever since. Karma is a great devotee and sometimes falls asleep when I’m using ET on her.

I also use my friend’s horses for practice but, until recently, had not done ET on Crumpet. She’s taken to it really well and when Crumpet came over with my mate for a session, we introduced her to the property. She hadn’t been to my place before and it was good for Crumpet to move beyond her comfort zone. She was a little anxious and, for some reason, wanted to go into the Secret Garden. I was doubtful that she’d actually fit in the entrance (basically a hole in a hedge) but she did and proceeded to explore.

My mate sat down on the bench I use when I’m writing or just enjoying the garden. Meanwhile, Crumpet decided to pose for a photo and you can see why I call her The Golden One.