Marty came for a visit over the weekend. He came with Cathy – you know, the young French girl with the gorgeous hair. Last time she visited, Saffy was all over her, probably trying to nibble on her luscious ponytail. But this time around, she wanted her Spoodle, Marty, to visit Zeph and Zsa Zsa.

Cathy was having a few problems with Marty’s training so I suggested she talk with our friend, Stephanie (who has five Pointers). She went along for a couple of dog training sessions with Stephanie and one of these was getting Marty to accept riding in the car. He’s only three months old and was apparently a little frightened of the car. So Stephanie taught Cathy to just sit in the car, with the doors open, and have a treat ready for Marty. When he came sniffing, she gave him the treat and progressed to giving him kibble in the car. Pretty quickly, Marty starting associating the car with food and fun.

This was Marty’s first visit and I had visions of Zeph eating him up for breakfast. Zeph has grown into a very muscular, strong boy and I was worried he would squash Marty in his puppy-like enthusiasm to play. I was wrong Dear Reader. Zeph immediately sensed that Marty was young and very gently sniffed and played with him. This included placing one protective paw on Marty when he became a little concerned about Zsa Zsa (who was a tad scared of a tiny puppy!).

Zeph and Marty spent a couple of hours playing in the hay barn and chilling out together in the sun. Cathy and I also relaxed in the hay barn. Actually, this is a favourite pastime of mine now – sitting on hay stacks, enjoying the sun and listening to sounds. I never had this opportunity whilst working full-time in Sydney (obviously!) so, when I get the time, I listen to my Italian lessons whilst sitting in the hay barn or just chilling with Zeph and ZZ.

Cathy is planning to come out and stay with us for the weekend so that all three dogs can run amok!


Blurry shot but you can see Zeph placing a paw protectively on Marty.


Marty loved playing with Zeph!


Marty is way too cute!


Zeph is very fond of Cathy and laps up all the attention she gives him.


Zsa Zsa preferred to hunt barn mice. She eventually toppled this stack of hay over and came tumbling down with it.


Marty was determined to climb up to the very top of the hay stack. Took him a bit of effort and some whingeing but he made it. Zeph is on the left, exploring.


Zeph and Marty chill out together in the sun after playing. Zsa Zsa looked on.