Nearly mid-September and I’m right up to date – doing my August empties LOL. 🙂 Frankly, August wasn’t a great month for finishing up products. I think this was because I spent a week up in the North Island, so I travelled with samples rather than full-size products.

So not that much to show for August really but here we go:


L-R front row:

Shampoo: Bain de Terre Passion Flower Color Preserving shampoo.You read and hear a lot of good things about this shampoo. It’s paraben-free, contains argan and monoi oils and has a delicate floral scent. Not sure I would repurchase though to be honest. It was a so-so shampoo for me. Nothing really outstanding about it and I think my current fav shampoo does a better job.

Hair product: David Babaii for Wild Aid Bohemian Beach Spray. This is HG status for me and I go through countless bottles. It really is the only product that gives my fine hair any sort of volume. No sulfates, parabens or nasty petrochemicals in this spray. It contains sea salt from the Dead Sea; mineral rich volcanic ash from Vanuatu for increased volume; blue algae, mango and kiwi for hydration; shea butter, jojoba and hemp oils; and cupuacu butter for moisture retention. When I spritz it on my hair, I feel like I’m wearing a pina colada. Smells great and is an amazing product. For NZ readers, you can purchase at Farmers.

Eye-makeup remover. Earth Science Chamomile & Green Tea Eye Makeup Remover. I bought this off iHerb and am already into my second bottle. LOVE. Yes, you can use coconut oil to remove eye-makeup and I sometimes do this. But I prefer to use this product because of its gel-like consistency. Coconut oil solidifies in Winter here in NZ. The Earth Science product is fragrance and paraben free. I simply moisten a cotton pad and apply gently to the closed eye. It doesn’t sting the eye and removes any stubborn eye-makeup very easily.

Primer. Too Faced Primed & Poreless Skin Smoothing Face Primer. I bought this in Rome last year and I really like it. It’s paraben-free and contains vitamins A and C, as well as mulberry extract and Retinyl Palmitate. Consistency is thick and, because it’s a silicone-based primer, it can (on my skin anyway) feel a little greasy. This disappears when I dust some powder over. It does help to even out pores and foundation goes over it very smoothly. I still think the Moisture Mist Mattifying Pore Concealer is better but I’m keen to try the Innoxa Silk Skin primer next.

Soaps. You know me; love my soaps! My favourite is Sabun olive oil soap but, since living in NZ, I’ve discovered a wonderful brand called Pearl Natural. The soaps are made in Fiji from 100% pure coconut oil and the range includes Sandalwood, English Rose and Natural Gardenia scents. I’m a sucker for anything sandalwood and have used countless bars of Pearl Natural Sandalwood. I decided to try out the English Rose scent (I’ve yet to try the Gardenia). What I like about these soaps is their shape – designed to fit snugly into the hand. A bar lasts for ages and is very creamy. I prefer the Sandalwood bar but the rose scent is very subtle and appealing. When you take the soap out of its colourful wrapper, it’s nestled in a piece of white tissue paper – cute! I also like these soaps because they contain no animal fats or sodium laurel/laureth nasties.

And speaking of soaps, in the top row of the photo above, you’ll see two LUSH wrappers. One of those wrappers contained the Snowcake soap from the Christmas in July collection. Wow what a soap – gorgeous sort of marzipan scent that certainly evokes Christmas-time sentiments. It’s ultra-moisturzing and I’ll be first in line to repurchase at Christmas.

Conditioner. The other wrapper is LUSH Jungle solid conditioner. A round pale green bar that is perfect for travel when kept in a LUSH container. When I travel, Jungle goes with me along with Karma Komba (a LUSH solid shampoo). There are a few ways to use Jungle. The most convenient way I find is to quickly pop it under the hot water of your shower and then rub between your hands. You get enough conditioner to then run through your hair. The other way is to wet the bar and rub all over your scalp and hair. That was how I first used it and it was a disaster for me. Because I have fine, straight hair – it made my hair look greasy and weighed it down. The American LUSH website provides instructions on how to cut up Jungle and turn it into a creamy conditioner. A more cost-effective way of using it I suppose. Jungle has a fruity scent and lingers in your hair for most of the day. The way I use it might not be great for gals with thick, luscious locks as it might not provide enough conditioning. But I’ll certainly repurchase Jungle as it’s so handy for travel.

Face Mask. Last year, I bought a Red Ginseng face mask from Missha when I was in Auckland. This is a Korean brand and I use their BB cream. I took this mask on my recent trip to Wellington and used it whilst luxuriating in my hotel room. I did feel a bit ridiculous with it on. It’s literally a sheet you place over the face with holes for eyes, nose and mouth. But what an amazing mask. You leave it on for 10-12 minutes, peel off the sheet and then gently pat your face to absorb the leftover essence. Talk about hydrating. The fine lines under my eyes (sad but true) seemed to have disappeared and my skin felt calm and soothed. I immediately decided that this is HG material but….looks like Missha don’t have the red ginseng mask anymore. At least it’s not showing up on their NZ website. Boo. I might check out some of their other masks.

Facial wipes. Nivea Visage Daily Essential Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes for normal and combination skin. I buy wipes to take with me when I go on short trips. I really don’t like the idea of wiping my makeup off with a wipe but it is convenient and saves me from lugging a cleanser around. I haven’t used Nivea wipes before – what can I say. MEH!! These were awful. I found them rough on my skin, they weren’t moist enough and they dried out before I could use all 25 wipes. The smell was nothing short of cheap and nasty. Ghastly product.

Lipgloss. Finally, an item of makeup. It’s taking AGES to hit pan on my makeup items or use up a lippie. I have hit pan on one MAC eye shadow, very exciting! I finished up a Revlon Super Lustrous gloss in Snow Pink. I think the range now comes with a black rather than silver cap. I like Revlon lippies and this was a hydrating pale pink gloss. Nothing sensational though and, at the moment, I’m far preferring the new Innoxa Lip Glaze range, especially the Plum shade.

Even though I’m slowly getting through stuff, I do find it very satisfying to talk about the products I’ve used up. In the past, I might just toss something that I hadn’t finished up. Now, I’m sticking to my resolve to finish up stuff. Bring on September empties.