Lordy Lordy Lord! As someone in my family used to say (Uncle Bobby? Can’t recall). I was ferreting through old photo albums, looking for a specific photo for the blog I have on my father. Haven’t found that photo yet but, I did find a couple of photos of me, and one reminds me of a good story to tell you.

The first photo is me at some beach. At least that is my recollection. I have no idea why I have this recollection but there you go. How old was I? No idea. What do you reckon? 18 months? The second photo is of me around 5 years old and this photo triggered the story I’m about to tell you. And the third photo is a lovely one of my maternal grandmother who I adored. I’d say this was taken in the 1960s. Funny thing: my grandfather never learnt to drive, so my grandmother drove him everywhere.

So now to the photo of me learning ballet. I have very strong memories of this time in my life. My mother trained initially as a ballet dancer but then married my father and that was that. Naturally, she was very keen on dancing and I often saw my parents dancing together in the living room, usually along to Glenn Miller records (or my father’s favourite – the theme from the movie Picnic, starring Kim Novak who I’m supposedly named after. BTW: watch the video. Everyone is clothed, unlike Miley Cyrus and her recent twerking stupidity, and it’s pretty damn sexy).

Anyway. At the ballet school, we each had a dancing partner. I won’t name my partner; other than to say her first name was Julie. I really wasn’t into ballet school but thought it was what every kid did. I enjoyed the whole dress up in a tutu business though and, by the look of me in that photo, I was clearly into showing off.

Fast forward to around 2006. I used to buy hard-to-get perfumes at a certain parfumerie in Sydney. I’d drop in maybe four times a year and always chat with the owner: a tall, handsome woman with blonde hair. After about two or three years of chatting, sniffing and buying perfumes, somehow the conversation turned to – what part of Sydney did you grow up in? And that led to what school and what our maiden names were. The moment she told me her maiden name, I recognised it. She had been my dancing partner all those years ago. I told her my maiden name and we fell about laughing. Neither one of us ended up as ballet dancers LOL.

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