The other day I was on a nostalgia trip. Sorry, but it’s still happening because I found more photos. Oh, good I hear you say. Hahahaha! There’s a photo of me dressed up in some fancy, floral-patterned dress and wearing a headband. I have a clear recollection in my head that the dress was cream and yellow. But what on earth am I holding?  Quick glance: it looks like a camera. What’s the wording? Can’t quite make it out – does it say Gevapan 33 or Cevapan 33?

Oh, bingo. I Googled (don’t we all?) and it’s Gevapan 33. It was marketed in 1955 (no, that was not the year I was born) and was black and white film. Regular readers will know of my love for photography and my photo blog. Maybe I was already snapping away at an early age. The more logical explanation is that the film belonged to my father, who was a keen amateur photographer. Why I was holding it in this photo, I have no idea. Maybe I was playing with the empty film packet and wouldn’t let go of it.

Then we fast forward to my teenage years and you’ll see a photo of me walking with my mother. I think this was taken on our way to see an art exhibit for one of my favourite artists, Albrecht Dürer (well, that was before I discovered Monet and Degas). I remember very clearly being excited that Dürer’s works were being exhibited in Sydney. Whether this photo is really of my mother and me on our way to the art show – not sure. I just seem to recall it this way. If I’m right, then we would have been walking through The Domain on our way to the Art Gallery. It’s such a typical walk for me at that age, clutching a bag. It was probably one that I made. Back then, I used to crochet bags and totes.

And then there’s me in my early 20s. I SO remember that red and blue sweater; it was a favourite. And I had an obsession with blonde hair then. My natural hair colour was a strawberry blondish colour but, in my early 20s, I had it lightened. Then you’ll see a photo of me when I was a teacher and with the first class I ever taught. I taught at a school for physically and emotionally challenged children in rural New South Wales.

The photo of me with sunglasses on was taken on some country trip I did with a guy on his motor bike – when I was in my 30s and between marriages as they say. By this stage, I’d decided red hair is my thing.

Finally, I found a drawing I did when I was a teenager. Maybe at around 15 years old. Looks like some sort of Spanish dancer. I was learning art at this point in my life – I remember sketching, fretting over perspective and worrying about which brand of pencil was the best for my art work.

What a hoot! Let’s hope I don’t find more photos. 🙂


Here’s me in my early 20s. Clearly, I haven’t changed one little bit LOL.


Me when I was teaching. This was the very first class of students I ever taught.


A drawing I did in my teens.


Cute dress and I’m holding onto a packet of black and white Gevapan 33 film.


Me in my teens, walking with my mother. The only time in my life that I’ve had long hair.


Me in my 30s.