Every morning, without fail, Zeph and Zsa Zsa sit with me as I put on my makeup (or my face, as my mother would say). Zeph is still not listening to my tutorials on how to best apply bronzer or whether black eyeliner is too harsh. And Zsa Zsa continues to sleep under a fleecy blanket rather than being interested in the latest natural eye look. Problem children: what can I say?

But it’s quality time we spend together. It’s so lovely to have the dogs just chill out with me and I usually find Zeph sitting in the sunniest spot in the bedroom. Diva dog, Zsa Zsa, snores softly and both dogs take the opportunity to have a post-breakfast snooze.


Zeph finds a sunny spot to curl up.


Zsa Zsa has a number of special dog blankets to snuggle under.