I threatened it and here it is – even more nostalgia! I’m still ferreting through old photo albums and the camphor chest to find a particular item. No luck so far but, along the way, I’ve come across lots of old photos of me and it’s bringing back a ton of memories.

So for today’s post: a photo of me taken by my Dad when we were visiting my Uncles (his brothers) in New Zealand. I know the photo was taken in the motel carpark but I can’t recall where we were. It might have been Dannevirke, where some of my mother’s relos lived. Funny thing: we recently drove through Dannevirke on our way back from Napier. Didn’t recognise or remember a thing!

In the photo, I’m either 19 or 21 years old. That was a loooooooooooooooooong time ago but I can vividly recall that silver necklace and bangle, as well as the boots. I was obsessed with silver back then. During the 1990s, I was in a rose gold phase; early 2000s, a gold phase. Now, I’m back to silver (and white gold). I used to drive my mother nuts because silver jewellery wasn’t popular when I was growing up – it was all about gold. My parents gave me the necklace for some birthday and you can see it has large silver balls. Loved it and wore it everywhere. The bangle is a square shape. I hated wearing boring, predictably shaped round bangles back then and even now. Asymmetrical or odd shapes is what I like.

I remember my father was waiting for us to leave but I was hassling over my makeup. The more I think about it, the more I’m sure this photo was taken during a visit to Dannevirke. I remember a motel cat I patted as we opened the door of our room to go out into the carpark – either to leave or take the photo. My dad was very patient because I would fuss over makeup and putting the right outfit together.

I’ve always been into polo neck sweaters. Still wear them. I think  you call them turtlenecks in the US of A. The skirt I remember as a dark navy velvet and the boots…they’re a story in themselves.

I grew up in Pymble (in Sydney) and the closest shopping area was the St.Ives Shopping Village. A great shopping centre back then and still is. I visited it in May this year for nostalgia purposes. My mother and I spent many happy hours over the years browsing through shops including Eunice Jackson shoes. No idea who Eunice Jackson is or was but this shop loomed large in my teenage years.

My mother bought all her shoes and handbags here. And when I was growing up, they had Italian leather handbags. This was pre-Internet when you couldn’t just order a handbag online and it was also a time when hopping on a plane from Australia to Europe wasn’t as popular as it is now. So to buy an Italian leather handbag was a big thing and my mother would wear a handbag to death.

I was into boots, still am, and I bought those brown leather boots at Eunice Jackson with my mum. I’m sure she paid for them. Whenever I walk into a shop stuffed full of leather shoes and bags, the rich leather smell takes me back to Eunice Jackson. And the shop still exists at St.Ives Shopping Village. Actually, there’s something quite comforting and anchoring about the shop still existing. When I visited Sydney in May and practically forced a great mate to drive me up to St.Ives, it was strange to walk through the centre I hadn’t visited since around 2005 and see so many new shops. But then…in the same place, I saw Eunice Jackson and suddenly I was with my mum again all those years ago.

I recall my mum coming home one day (I was probably around 20 years old) and she was fresh from Eunice Jackson, where she had bought two identical Oroton leather handbags. Black for her; chocolate brown for me. This was when Oroton handbags were still made in Oz. I flogged that handbag to death – taking it with me every day to University. Unlike a few of my Oroton bags, I no longer have this bag but I remember it well. Obviously, I was in some chocolate brown phase as I now wear black boots and mainly have black handbags. Maybe I should rediscover chocolate brown.