I had to have one: a Tangle Teezer. Heard of them? I first saw a hot pink one on some YouTube beauty channel. Although my hair never gets tangled due to it being so short, straight and fine – I knew I had to lay my hands on one. Because of its shape and the practicality of it I guess. Tangle Teezers are made in the United Kingdom and designed by top UK hairdresser, Shaun Pulfrey.

I wasn’t aware they were available in NZ. Sometimes I forget to check whether something is available here because I’m so used to internet shopping or just thinking that NZ will get it two years after the rest of the world LOL. But, as I was breezing through Ballantynes in Christchurch, I spotted some Tangle Teezers tucked away on a shelf in the beauty section. If I hadn’t caught sight of the feline pattern out of the corner of my eye, I would have missed them as only a few were left.

There were no full-sized Tangle Teezers in stock though; apparently they sold out as soon as they came into the store. All they had left were travel ones but frankly that suited me just fine. A problem I always have is lugging a brush with me when I travel. At home, I use a Mason Pearson pocket bristle, which is small enough but still takes up room. I bought this little brush at Harrods in London in the late 1990s and it’s as good as new. Expensive brushes but they last and last. So I normally travel with a skanky plastic brush that was in the Business Class toiletry bag that I was given on some Emirates flight years ago.

Available was a British flag design, a boring black one and the Tangle Teezer I bought: the Feline Groovy, which I think is Limited Edition. It’s a compact travel size rather than full-size and has a protective cover to protect the bristles from fluff and dirt. Clever ergonomic design. A tad expensive for plastic though at NZ$34.00.

I really didn’t think the bristles were anything special – there’s long and short bristles intermixed, with an interchanging row of each going horizontally and vertically. I can’t say if this design means the bristles glide easily through knots and tangles because I never get any. And I think the boar bristles of my Mason Pearson provide better volume. But it doesn’t tug or pull my hair at least and the bristles seem to flex as you brush. I must say I suspect it is giving my hair more shine.

No doubt I’ve been sucked into the latest fad but this little Tangle Teezer will fit snugly into my travel makeup bag.


Feline Groovy Meow!


Certainly an innovation when it comes to hairbrushes.


The Tangle Teezer comes with a  cover that clips on to protect the bristles. I like this feature.