OMG. October 1 and I’m right onto it. September empties. Obviously, if I was really onto it, I would have done this post on September 30. But I’ve been busy as El Hubs’ family has been here for a visit. Four adults and two active kids in the house.

I’ve decided to downsize people. During September, I discovered a Holy Grail BB cream that I love SO much, I basically used it every day during September and will tell you about in a future post. I looked at my foundations and some were (frankly) getting skanky and I was hanging onto a couple that really didn’t suit me, so I thought best to “toss ’em”.

Here’s what I finished up or tossed.

Shower gel. Yet another one bites the dust. It’s by Health Basics, a New Zealand brand, and it’s the Fortify Vitamin E body wash. I have to admit that this is old packaging. The product was shoved into a drawer a year or so ago and I decided it had to come out and be used up in my efforts to finish off stuff. The new packaging for this brand can be seen here. I’m not sure they even have the Vit E body wash anymore. I’m actually quite keen to try some of the new body washes like Aoraki Snow and Emerald Lake Embrace. Loving the names. And these body washes are soap and paraban-free – I’ll need to check out if they are also SLS-free though. Anyway, the Vit E body wash was okay, nothing sensational. I almost tossed it half way through but was stubborn about finishing it up. It was creamy and had an interesting scent, which I really can’t describe.

Cleanser. I polished off another cleanser yeehah! This was by Justine, the South African brand. Every time we visit El Hubs’ family in SA, I get some Justine stuff from my sister-in-law. I quite like it actually and this Balancing Gentle Facial Wash for Normal Combination skin is really lovely. I used it every morning in the shower and have another two in back-up. Formulated with milk protein to minimize oil flow, it also contains chamomile to calm and soothe. It foams up well and the tiniest amount is needed. The problem is it contains SLS, which is a shame as I would regularly repurchase if it didn’t contain this nasty. It cost R$150.00 (around NZ$18.00).

Eye cream. Another one done and dusted. I admit I use a ton of eye cream as I’m paranoid about not letting my wrinkles and crow’s feet get any worse. I picked up the Shiseido Benefiance NutriPerfect Eye Serum at Singapore airport last year and would have finished it up months ago if I wasn’t swapping between eye creams. So I doggedly made my way through it during September. When I asked the sales lady at the airport duty free to give me the best in eye creams, this was her choice. I think the NutriPerfect range is for “mature skin” showing visible signs of ageing. Yep, tick. Gorgeous packaging I must say: shiny, gold and elegant. It’s a luxurious cream that did glide on as more of a serum than a cream. I certainly think it hydrates the under eye area but is not as good as my beloved Sisley (which I no longer buy as I can’t justify the hefty price tag). I don’t recall how much I paid for this but, on Strawberrynet, it’s NZ$112.00. Whoa. So I won’t be repurchasing. I also suspect it has a ton of unpronounceable ingredients, so I’ll be seeking out a more natural alternative.

Hair. I finished up a Joico K-Pak RevitaLuxe Bio Advanced Restorative Treatment. I think this is the third tube I’ve been through. It’s a restorative treatment – so if your hair is feeling like a dried up bird’s nest – the RevitaLuxe cream treatment will restore some softness and shine. It’s a thickish cream with a lovely floral scent and I leave in my hair for 5 minutes before rinsing out. Alas another product with unpronounceable ingredients, so I’m thinking of giving it the heave-ho but I do have another in back-up, so will finish it up before probably checking out what Dessert Essence has to offer.

Pore minimizer. In my never ending efforts to find the Holy Grail of pore concealers, I used up the Matifying Pore Concealer by Moisture Mist. Shiseido makes Moisture Mist for the New Zealand market (no idea why) and I reckon you buy Moisture Mist, you buy Shiseido as I bet the two brands share similar ingredients, if not factories. I like a pore concealer that’s basically Spakfilla, so I tend to favour silicone-based ones. This product has a gel-like consistency and has a lemon scent (to me anyway). I cut the tube in half to make sure I scooped out all the product. It probably lasted me for six months and cost NZ$26.00. I’d certainly repurchase but have a Too Faced pore minimizer to use up next.

Toothpaste. I’m really enjoying toothpastes with no SLS. Can’t really taste any difference but just knowing they don’t contain nasty SLS is very satisfying. I was sad to finish up an Italian brand toothpaste I picked up in Rome last year: L’ Angelica Dentifricio Denti Sensibili. It contains melissa and calendula, which gave it a lovely fresh taste. The tube says it’s 100% natural but, half way through using the toothpaste, I noticed that it contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Quelle horreur! I hate that products can say they are 100% natural but then list a nasty ingredient like SLS. Guess it all depends on the regulations of various countries as to what counts as natural or organic.

Foundations: I finished up four and am tossing three. Seven foundations down whoop whoop! The ones I finished are Dr Hauschka Translucent Makeup 01 Pale Sand; Revlon PhotoReady Makeup SPF20 in 002 Vanilla; Giorgio Armani Matte Silk Foundation #2; and Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation Light Ivory 40. Of these, I would repurchase the Dr Hauschka foundation because the macadamia nut, avocado and jojoba oils produce a lovely foundation that is lightweight and non-greasy. But at around NZ59.00, it’s pretty expensive. The Max Factor foundation I had trouble travelling with as it leaked all over my makeup bag. It’s also too oily on my skin. I like the Revlon foundation but prefer Revlon ColorStay for combination/oily skin; and the Armani foundation was a bit old and I probably shouldn’t have used it. It was okay, quite silky but nothing fantastic.

The ones I’m tossing are – E.L.F. Studio Flawless Finish Foundation in Porcelain. What a crap foundation. It’s says oil-free on the bottle but made me look like an oil slick. Horrid. Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation in Classic Ivory. Nothing wrong with this foundation; I rather liked it but tossing because it’s too old. Australis Mineral Injection Liquid Foundation in Nude. This is an Aussie brand but this foundation was too oily on my skin.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind. I’m not sure exactly what this product is – I bought it in Rome and the writing is in Italian. I think it’s the dark circle eraser and the colour is 45 Light Honey. Well, light honey it is not. Maybe a light honey shade for olive complexioned Italian ladies but, on me, dark dark dark caramel. I have not been able to find the Age Rewind twist up under-eye concealers or dark circle erasers in NZ (at least not in the South Island). I think the idea is great – roller ball delivers concealer and you blend in with your fingers or brush. Just not in 45 Light Honey on me!

Sunscreen. Ego SunSense Daily Face SPF30+. I bought this in Oz last year and it’s the matte formula. It’s an oil-free, light cream that worked very well on my oily/combo skin. I’d repurchase but prefer NZ brand, Oasis Sun, because it has no nanoparticles, parabens, colours or fragrance.

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