Sorry people. Next few posts will be beauty-related. But today is all about Cavalinho. This is the Portuguese word for little horse or cute horse and I first came across Cavalinho handbags whilst visiting Portugal with El Hubs in 2003 or 2004.

I immediately fell in love with them because of the horse motif. And they’re also very practical handbags. I have a couple of Cavalinho totes and a wallet that my mother-in-law (who’s Portuguese) gave me. My latest Cavalinho bag is my favourite and it was bought in South Africa earlier this year – at a handbag and luggage shop in Nelspruit to be exact.

I was cruising by the shop window and immediately spotted the sleek, black leather embossed bag with the Cavalinho horse. I rushed in and bought it on the spot. Gorgeous leather with silver detailing. Little horses and horseshoes are embossed all over the bag and the zipper tags have a horse inside a horseshoe.

It’s kind of like a doctor’s bag but does have a shoulder strap. I’ve put that strap in my cupboard where I store handbags as I prefer to carry the bag. I get so many comments on this bag but what’s inside?

IMG_1255From L-R:

  • Manicure nail file. I was given this when I attended a Revlon makeup session.
  • Travel-size Melaleuca Renew Intensive Skin Therapy – great for dry hands. Absorbs fast and is non-greasy.
  • Current go-to lipsticks or balms – Innoxa Lip Glaze in Tangerine; Innoxa Lip Glaze in Plum (a great everyday colour); Rimmel Stay Matte Dual Action Concealer in Ivory (for years, I’ve always had some sort of Rimmel concealer in the handbag); MAC lipstick in Freckletone; Estee Lauder Signature lipstick in Apricot Sun (this has been a favourite for years); Yes To Carrots Color Balm in Peachy Keen; Maybelline Baby Lips in Rose Addict (LOVE Baby Lips); and Korres Lip Butter in Pomegranate. I’m really into lip balms at the moment.
  • Maybelline Dream Matte powder in Light and Bare Minerals Flawless Application brush. The Maybelline powder is HG for me.
  • A plastic folding brush and comb from the Emirates Business Class toiletry bag. I got this in 2011 when I first went to Rome to live and work for a few months. It’s actually a very handy brush/comb.
  • Some Nurofen headache tablets – just in case.
  • UK brand, Disaster Designs, Flutters & Fancies Makeup Bag. I’ve had this for about two years now and it’s beginning to show wear and tear – probably due to the weight of the many lippies and balms I’m carrying around LOL.
  • A pen that I bought at Christchurch airport before flying out to Rome in 2012. It’s NZ-themed.
  • On top of the makeup bag, you’ll see my 1980’s Italian sunglasses;
  • Dettol hand sanitizer for those moments you realize you’re about to eat with dirty hands;
  • Briarwood Frost coin purse in the colour viola – I bought this at Ballantynes in Christchurch in June and it’s turned out to be a fantastic little purse.
  • In front of the Briarwood purse, you’ll see a small black, white and pink purse with appliqué butterflies. I bought this at Coin Department Store in Rome in 2012. It’s by Vendula London but it’s not on their website, so I suspect it’s part of their 2012 collection. I use it to put my iPod nano earphones in. You can see my black iPod behind the Briarwood purse.
  • Dents leather wallet. I’m giving my Mandarina Duck wallet a rest and using a lovely navy with white piping wallet by Dents, a UK brand that was established in 1777. The navy and white piping combo SO reminds me of my mother – this is why I bought the wallet. She favoured white shoes with navy detailing and a photo I shared on this blog shows her wearing a white and navy striped jacket. I’m not into navy myself but, since buying this wallet, I’ve come to like it. This is a VERY practical wallet and I think it’s Italian leather and handmade in England. I actually think I prefer it to my beloved Mandarina Duck. So many credit card compartments and secret spaces in such a compact wallet.

Zsa Zsa poses (sort of) with the Cavalinho handbag.


Dents wallet in front of handbag.


Cavalinho logo.


Many credit card compartments.


Great little zippered compartment to hold keys.


Such great attention to detail – horse and horseshoe!


I tend to use the middle zippered compartment of the wallet to hold everything, including paper money. Coins go in the Briarwood purse.


Secret space between two zippered compartments. Not sure what to use it for though.