Zeph and Zsa Zsa have just spent five days at the breeder’s kennels. We had family visiting from South Africa and Zeph was obsessed with the 8-year old girl. He would follow her everywhere and sit outside her bedroom door. That was fine but with four adults and two kids in the house, things were a little busy – so we decided to let Zeph catch up with his mum, Vera, his brother, Wot, and his sister Cha Cha. Zsa Zsa loves to play with Coco and Bailey.

When we pick them up from the kennels, there’s always a pattern. They are quiet in the car (Zeph isn’t too keen on cars) until they are about a block from home. Then they both get up from their snoozing positions in the back seat and put their heads out the window to do the usual dog thing – sniffing.

Zeph gets very excited and starts to whinge. As we enter the property, he can barely contain himself and, once the car is parked and we open the back doors, he rushes out. First stop is to check whether the chickens are still around their coop; then he runs and runs around the property, barking. At nothing really; he’s just so happy to be home.

Next stop is upstairs to see whether their dog crates are still there. I suspect they think we’ve sold them LOL. He sniffs his blankets and then barks. Then he rushes downstairs and barks in the kitchen and the living room before rushing back out to see….whatever.

Meanwhile, little diva dog, Zsa Zsa, is glued to my side. Both dogs spend the next couple of days being quite clingy. They love going to the kennels to catch up with their family members but there is no place like home and being with your humans.


About a block away from home and Zeph is getting excited, sniffing the air.