El Hubs’ niece, her hubby and two children visited us last week. They are from Johannesburg and stayed for five days. They started off in Sydney and Brisbane for a few days before arriving in Christchurch.

I think a rural NZ farm was something of a shock for them all. Mud. More mud. Hay everywhere. Farm smells. The two children, Miguel who is 10 years and Gabi, who is 8 years old, visited all the animals. Saffy was a little obsessed with Gabi. I brought all the horses up to the arena so the kids could watch a herd of horses run and play.

Miss Rosie received a groom up at the stables but Saffy just wanted to see Gabi. This was Gabi’s first time near a horse so basic horse safety education was necessary. Once that was over, Saffy decided to inspect the little human. Gabi was a bit nervous at first but soon saw that Saffy was simply curious and affectionate.

You know what I can’t get over? The size of Saffy’s head!


Gabi approaches Saffy cautiously (and has her hand way too high but Saffy is very bold and doesn’t spook easily).


Gabi hearts Saffy (who has one big head!).