Part of the charm of living in rural New Zealand is that everything is at the local shops. A mere 5 minutes walk to the local pharmacy, three cafes and two restaurants, my hairdresser, supermarket, boutiques where you can buy kitchenware, clothes, shoes, linen, an art gallery and museum plus a bookshop and antiques store. Basically, you never have to leave Oxford. The only thing we lack is a good bakery but since the township is expanding fast, I don’t think I’ll have to wait too long.

On Sundays, I can rush up and buy some baked goods because that’s when the local farmer’s market happens. Aside from buying fresh produce, I can also get Italian cheeses, German bread and cakes, local jam and honey as well as meat from local farms. A mobile coffee van churns out lattes and cappuccinos. I can even get a chai latte.

But all this shopping is tough on the men, so we have a special place to park them LOL.