Take a look at the photos below. Does it look like a Wintery Wonderland scene to you? Snow…tick. Cold weather….tick. Snow on roof of house….tick.

What’s wrong with this picture folks? It’s friggin’ Spring in New Zealand that’s what and, two days ago, it was so warm we were in T-shirts. Then wham. Out of nowhere (well, okay somewhere) came the snow. It started with wet flurries yesterday afternoon and then this turned into snow, then heavier snow.

This is a bit unusual for around here at this time of year. The horses weren’t too happy about the colder weather as they’ve basically shed their Winter coats. We’d stacked the wood away as we haven’t needed to crank up the log fire for a couple of weeks.

The next morning, Zeph and Zsa Zsa rushed outside and were a bit stunned to see the snow. So were we I might add – we thought the afternoon dump the day before would have finished overnight. But ah, no.

I’d like to offer up dire warnings about climate change, especially in light of a recent article I read the other day in the NZ Herald. Interesting to see how NZ cities are preparing for climate change.

I haven’t lived in NZ or the South Island long enough to know if this snow dump is highly unusual or an occasional thing. I just hope that Summer turns out to be like last year – hot, bright-blue days with coolish mornings and nights.


Zeph and Zsa Zsa are surprised by the early morning sight of snow.


Part of the front garden.


View towards the house – from the Secret Garden. You can just see the steep roof that houses need to have in snow zones.