Zsa Zsa is a mighty huntress. She can spend HOURS in our three bay hay barn, patiently waiting for pesky barn mice. She’ll stand on top of a stack of hay and listen; turning her head ever so slightly as she hears the movement of tiny mice deep in the hay stack. I imagine it’s a city of mice within the hundreds of bales.

Barn mice are a part of farm life, like it or not. I’ve occasionally seen mice quickly scurry into a hay bale as I approach the barn. Zeph leaps onto a stack of hay and furiously digs. He just likes the action and the excitement of possibly finding barn mice. Zsa Zsa, however, has a strategy – she goes to a particular section of the hay barn, then she listens and waits. For as long as it takes.

The other day, I saw her literally leap from on high and then she froze, with her front left paw extended. Turns out it she was pinning a barn mouse to the ground (having already killed it by what means I’m not sure). Zeph rushed to her side and tried to wrestle the mouse from her vice-like grip but to no avail.

Zsa Zsa took off with the mouse and it ended up on the grass in front of the hay barn. She was no longer interested in it but was not about to let Zeph have fun with it. I’m afraid the poor mouse was left by Zsa Zsa as the mighty huntress returned to the hunt. All this hunting is tiring work though and Zsa Zsa was later found snoozing under a blanket.


Zsa Zsa brings her kill to the grass in front of the hay barn.


RIP poor dead barn mouse.


The mighty huntress returns to the scene of the crime and buries her head in the hay stack.


It’s tiring work; I need a snooze.