On my way to a friend’s place to spend the day hanging out with her three horses, I was held up by some slow moving sheep. I’m used to this sight now in rural New Zealand. When we first relocated from urban Sydney, and spotted flocks of sheep being moved along the roadway, we thought it quaint. We had just moved from the hustle and bustle of sprawling Sydney after all.

Now we’re used to it and sheep meandering along the roadway, being gently “herded” by a farm truck or two, is a common sight. Thankfully, I left early that morning because these sheep were taking their time. Seems they were being moved from one farm to another or to another part of the same, very large farm. They had to travel I’d say a kilometre maybe. Even little lambs. The farm truck behind the flock was moving very slowly and the sheep were orderly and seemed to know where they were heading.