Okay people: more nostalgia. I’ve finally located the photo of my father I was searching for and, in the process, stumbled on some photos of me when I was around 12 years old. And I have to ask – what’s with the knee high, white socks and Hush Puppy looking shoes? Obviously, the fashion way back then. Hilarious…and a bit tragic now that I look at the photo.

The first photo below shows me arriving at a birthday party for Nicola (I won’t give the surnames of the two girls just in case they feel a bit like me and are a tad embarrassed at the fashion statement we’re NOT making LOL). Nicola is the one with the gifts in her hands. Just in case my family couldn’t recognise me in the photo album, I’m the one on the right with the white painted cross above my head!

Opposite me is Cherelle, who I think at that period in my life was my BFF. It looks like we’re wearing matching dresses. I SO remember my dress – it was made of some dark coloured velvet-type material (maybe it was velvet) and had elasticized sleeves. I think it was dark green. My mum was a pretty good dressmaker way back when – so I’m wondering if she made it. But Cherelle is wearing a very similar dress, so presumably it was the fashion and the dresses were bought in some local shop. Long, straight hair with a side parting was the go.

I remember this was an afternoon party, starting at 2.00 or 3.00pm and that my father dropped me off at Nicola’s house. So Dad would have taken this photo. I was still in primary school because neither Nicola nor Cherelle ended up attending my High School – so this means the photo is of me at 12 years or possibly 11 years old. Now that I think about it, I don’t believe I ever saw Nicola again and I’m not sure I stayed friends with Cherelle once I starting attending High School. Wonder how their lives have turned out.

Must have been cooler months in Sydney as Cherelle is carrying a cardigan of some sort. What strikes me most about this photo is the humble Aussie home of the period. McMansions are more the norm in Sydney suburbia these days but, back then, it was the solid brick, modest home on a quarter-acre block.

Then we have me with Patches, the family dog. I’m a little older here: maybe 14 years and had swapped over to the middle part in the hair. And I remember the top I’m wearing – it was black and white checks and some sort of a smock top. The obligatory jeans and bare feet round off this fashion statement. Back then, no-one used fertilizers or weed-killers on their lawns, so kids were constantly getting bindi-eyes in their feet. My father would remind me to wear shoes but I loved the soft feel of grass beneath my feet. Many, many times I felt the sting of bindi-eyes. I know this photo was taken in the backyard of our family home in Pymble, NSW.

The final photo is a weird one, I must say. I HATE smiling in photos but here you have me looking into the camera and smiling. Well, as much of a smile as you’d ever get out of me anyway. My hair is longer, so I’d say I’m around 15 years in this photo. Standard wear for me was jeans and thongs (or jandals as they say in NZ). I can’t quite tell if that’s a jumper or sweater I’m wearing or a blouse. And where the heck was this taken? Looks like I’m sitting in some garden or amongst small bushes. Probably taken in the front of our house and it would have been taken by my Dad.


I’m the one on the right. I was probably about to fiddle with my hair.


Looking very sullen with Patches, the family dog.


Way back when…..