Let’s have a look through my trash can shall we? I finished up quite a lot of stuff during October, yeehah! I’m actually sticking quite well to my resolve to finish up STUFF and it is oh so very satisfying (even if it’s a little sad sometimes when a great product is done and dusted).

Cleansers. I think I’ve found a Holy Grail in the cleanser category and it’s from NZ brand, Oasis Beauty. My local pharmacy had some nifty little sample size cleansers and tonics (as the brand calls toners). I picked up the Chamomile Cleansing Lotion for normal to combination skin and the Lavender Cleansing Milk for oily skin.

Each cleanser lasted for around one week and the Chamomile is my favourite. So much so I’ve bought a full-sized bottle. I love the smell of it and it’s oh so gentle on my sensitive skin. None of that hideous tight feeling you get after using some cleansers. It can take off waterproof mascara but I only use it on the face. It’s creamy without leaving any greasy residue and my skin feels very calm after use. I also like the Lavender cleanser but I don’t find it quite as creamy and comforting as the Chamomile. I think it’s just a personal choice though as I’m not a great fan of lavender (despite now growing my own).

Toner. I also finished up the Oasis Beauty Fig and Grape Tonic for normal to combination skin. This is the companion for the Chamomile cleanser. It actually smells of fig and grape and is also very calming. I bought a full-sized bottle of this tonic.

Another toner I emptied is from another NZ brand, Evolu. I’m quite partial to this brand and have been using products from the range for about two years. Their Aloe Vera and Rosa Gallica Facial Toner is really lovely and I use it as a makeup setting spray too (I’d love to try the Skindinavia No More Shine Makeup Finish Spray but no way am I paying NZ$59.00). Mind you, at NZ$34.99, the Evolu toner is a tad expensive too and, for the moment anyway, I’m using the bottle for another toner I bought in South Africa.

In South Africa, I love going to Dis-Chem, which is a bit like Priceline in Oz. I picked up two bottles of their home-brand Rosewater and Glycerin toner. This is a wonderfully hydrating toner because glycerin attracts moisture to the skin. I remember my grandmother slapping on glycerin, which I presume was mixed with rosewater. I think I paid around NZ$10.00 for the two bottles.

Exfoliators. Two finished yeah! One by Evolu and the other by South African brand, Justine. The Evolu Renewing Facial Exfoliator is a delight to use. It’s a creamy consistency with jojoba, papaya extract and manuka, lavender and geranium essential oils and using New Zealand pure spring water. The rounded buffing beads gently exfoliate and cleanse without scratching the skin. I do find though that I need to rinse with a lot of water to ensure all the exfoliating beads are washed off. I think this is my third tube and I’ll certainly repurchase.

The Justine Transform Retexturising Microdermabrasion Exfoliator does a better job at removing dead skin cells in my view. The micro-granules are very fine and they feel like soft sand on the skin. Very easy to rinse off but I think the plant extracts in the Evolu exfoliator make it more beneficial to the skin.

Eye creams. Two knocked off. Well, one is being tossed. That’s the Thai brand, Putonnam, Anti-Wrinkle Eye Contour Gel. I bought this in Bangkok and the product range uses cumin and turmeric, as well as certain Thai herbs. This gives their products a distinct herbal whiff. The eye contour gel is more like an eye cream and it’s supposed to be free of fragrance. Containing cucumber and aloe vera, it is nourishing for the sensitive skin around the eye area. But after using it for awhile, I just couldn’t tolerate the herbal whiff. Not being able to read Thai, I’m also a bit worried about what ingredients beyond cucumber and aloe vera are in this product.

The other eye cream I’m sad is finished and I’ll certainly be buying another. It is by Canadian brand, Nature By Canus, and the eye cream is called All Natural Firming Eye Cream with Fresh Goat’s Milk. Ingredients include Tiger Nut plant along with Cupuacu and Muru-muru Butters. Ultra-soothing and nourishing, the 15ml pot lasted for months. LOVE.

Dry Shampoo. I tried out the VO5 Refresh Me Quick Dry Shampoo for normal to oily hair. I picked this up at the local supermarket for NZ$8.99. Love the funky pink packaging and smell of the product (reminds me of strawberries). It did a reasonable job of refreshing my hair in between washes and giving it some volume. You just spray and go; no horrid white powder to deal with. Problem is the 200ml can didn’t last all that long. I’m keen to try the Dove Dry Shampoo but not sure if this is available in NZ yet.

Soaps. Yet more soaps finished off. First up, a fantastic soap by Italian brand, Olivella. I discovered Olivella whilst working in Italy and it’s a gluten-free, cruelty-free brand that features rich, luxurious 100% virgin olive oil. Their soaps contain no parabens, chemicals or colorants and come in various scents such as pomegranate, lavender and verbena. Mine was a plain bar, olive green in colour and was SO creamy and moisturising. Thank goodness I can order online from Mediterranean Food Warehouse in NZ.

The second soap I finished up is by LUSH and I really didn’t like it (despite being a LUSH fan). For the life of me, I can’t recall the name of this soap and the piece of wrapper I still had left doesn’t have the name on it either. But it contains a ton of chunky, harsh exfoliating beads that scratch the skin. Didn’t like this soap at all and the smell was nothing great either.

Concealer. Rimmel Match Perfection concealer in Ivory (#10) for the delicate under-eye area. Really liked this concealer, so much so that I chopped the tube in half to make sure I used up all the product. It’s a two in one concealer that lightens and brightens without looking cakey. Really easy to apply the lightweight cream due to the brush applicator and Ivory is the perfect colour match for my NC15 skin. I’ll certainly be purchasing this again.

Serum. You’ll see a tiny bottle in the photos below. It’s a sample of Oasis Beauty Rebalancing Treatment Serum, which helps calm sensitive skin and rebalance the T-zone area. I really can’t tell you how well this serum performs as there just wasn’t enough serum in the tiny bottle.

Mascara. Another mascara finished up and another Almay one at that. I’ve said before that I’m quite partial to Almay and I really like their One Coat Triple Effect mascara. This time, I finished up an Intense i-Color Volumizing Mascara in Sapphire. Loved the colour and consistency of the mascara and it definitely plumped up the lashes. The drawback was that the mascara tended to clump on the large brush. I liked the size of the brush but the clumping business was annoying. I have another Intense i-Color Volumizing mascara in Raisin Quartz. It’s a thinner tube with a slimmer brush and doesn’t clump. I would certainly consider purchasing another Sapphire colour and the NZ website seems to indicate that the thinner tube is available here. I bought the Sapphire mascara in Oz.

Deodorant. I always use a crystal stick deodorant without any aluminium. I had a L’Occitane roll-on I wanted to use up. It’s an old one and not available anymore. Not much to say about it really; it was okay but a bit too herbal whiff for me.

Perfume. In Rome last year, I was given a sample of Dior’s J’adore perfume after shopping at Sephora. I used to wear J’adore many years ago and had forgotten the fruity-floral femininity of this scent. It has a Damask Rose-heart note that dries down to a Sambac jasmine-Base note and the EDP version lasts on me all day long. I have three more little samples thanks to Sephora.

Skin supplement. In the early 1990s, Imedeen was released in Australia. Back then, there was only one choice of Imedeen skin supplement tablets and I was a loyal user for many years. Since living in NZ, for some reason, I’ve swapped over to using a product called Procol Collagen. Publicity blurbs say it rejuvenates and helps smooth wrinkles. Quite a pricey product at NZ$99.00 for 90 capsules (but I picked up a two for one offer). Yeah, can’t say I see results so I won’t be repurchasing. And a real negative for me is the tablets are HUGE and you take three per night.


A good amount of STUFF used up during October!


Sample-sized Oasis Beauty cleansers and tonic.


Evolu facial toner and exfoliator.


Sample J’adore perfume, Olivella soap and Dis-Chem Rosewater & Glycerin toner.


Justine microdermabrasion exfoliator.


L’Occitane deodorant and Almay mascara.


Two eye creams finished up.