Unfortunately for you, dear reader, I’m still on some weird nostalgia trip. I’ve found more photos of me way, way, way back. The first one is a class photo for Year 6 – my last year of Primary School – and obviously taken during Summer due to the short-sleeved uniforms and no sweaters. I’m not sure what’s happened to the other half of the photo.

I was 12 years old in this photo and I’m standing next to the Principal of my local school, Mr Dodd. So that makes me the one in the second row, on the left, with the shoulder-length hair. I’m amazed I can remember the school principal’s name after all these years. In fact, I can nearly remember the first names of my classmates that appear in the photo. Here goes:

Top row from the left: Andrew (and I’m pretty sure he is the fraternal twin of the boy on the bottom row, left); Shayne (who was my BFF in primary school); and Christopher. I don’t recall the name of the girl with the pigtails. In fact, I don’t remember her at all. Mind you, it could be a girl called Julie now that I stare at the photo.

Middle row from the left: ME!. The boy next to me – I SO remember his face but can’t recall his name although I think it’s Andrew. Then there is Diana.

Bottom row from the left: Christopher (although I may have it wrong and he’s actually Andrew);  Virginia; and no idea about the boy.

It’s weird that glancing at a face from so many years ago floods the mind with vivid memories. And yet, you can stare at another face for ages and draw a total blank. I wonder how these classmates have fared in life?

Then we have a hilarious photo of me in some sort of model pose. It only seems like yesterday that this photo was taken because I very clearly recall the purple trousers and white cable-knit sweater I was wearing. Not to mention the oh-so-sensible Hush Puppy shoes, which were very fashionable back then.

I reckon I’m about 14 years old and I was right into fashion and makeup. Back then, I used to wear long necklaces or chains. I gave this up in my 20s and hardly ever wear a necklace or chain now. I know this photo was taken in the driveway of my family home in Pymble (Sydney) and, on the right, are my mother’s lavender bushes. I’ve turned into my mother as I’m now growing lavender. 🙂


I’m on the left, middle row, standing next to the Principal.


Strike a pose!