Okay people. I’m leaving New Zealand tomorrow for Bhutan. I’ll be working there for five weeks and will reveal more soon. Getting ready to go has been a bit of a rush since the plane ticket was only sent to me this week.

And in amazing news: I’m packing light! It’s almost the dead of Winter in Bhutan. Yeah, great time to get asked to go do some work over there. But you live in the South Island of NZ, you know how to deal with cold weather and snow. Number one rule? Dress in layers. So I’m taking good old NZ merino base layers and will mix things up with merino scarves. I’ve packed merino socks, merino hat, merino gloves and my favourite Aussie wool red coat. Should be warm as toast.

Further surprising news: my makeup fits into one smallish bag. I’ll get some photos once I’m over there and ensconced in the apartment being provided for me. I’m told that the internet connection can be a little slow. I just hope for a connection! So if you don’t hear from me, you know why. I’ll be back in NZ early January.

Zeph and Zsa Zsa went off today to the kennels. Zeph could hardly contain himself; he was very happy to visit all his doggie friends. Zsa Zsa not so much. She knows what the kennels mean – less food and no being tucked in at night, surrounded by her soft pink fleecy blankets. Jenny, the kennel owner, loves them both to pieces and will look after them well. But it’s true: I totally spoil them. Zeph’s puppies should be born on New Year’s Eve, whilst he’s still at the kennels. I told you didn’t I that Zeph recently went off for stud duties? Apparently, he knew exactly what he was doing!

Miss Rosie is less than impressed. We’ve been riding a bit recently, so she’s not exactly happy that I’m abandoning her. I trimmed her hooves yesterday, along with Karma and Saffy’s – so she received plenty of attention and knows I’ll be back soon.

Christmas in Bhutan? It’s a predominantly Buddhist country so I doubt I’ll be seeing tons of Christmas decorations festooning their shopping centres. Oh hang on, I don’t think there are shopping centres in the capital, Thimphu, which is where I’ll be based. I’m not sure exactly what to expect to be honest.

So, dear reader, I’ll be back in early January but hope to share exciting stuff from Bhutan if I have connection.


Miss Rosie is less than impressed that I’m going away again!