There are simply no words to describe the stunning colours one sees in Bhutan. Women wear beautiful material as a long skirt, which is known as a Kira. There is a full Kira and a half Kira and, frankly, the whole Kira thing looks mighty complicated to me but, visually, the aesthetic appeal is outstanding.

From my observation (as I haven’t worn a Kira), the full Kira is a rectangular piece of material usually made up of three panels. This is wrapped around and pinned at each shoulder with a large silver brooch. This stops the Kira from falling off. A half Kira is more like a long skirt and I’m not quite sure how this stays on. I presume the material is wrapped around a woman’s waist very snugly and then fitted with a belt. It amazes me how effortlessly Bhutanese women wear the Kira. I’m sure I’d accidentally step on the bottom of any Kira I’d be wearing and then the whole thing would fall off. Awkward moment!

In Paro, I visited a shop where women were doing some traditional weaving. And I took some photos to show you the eye-dazzling materials one can choose from for a Kira. I just want to buy heaps of material to take back home; they are so gorgeous. But since I’m no dressmaker, I know it’s not a practical idea. Shame.

IMG_2374 IMG_2377 IMG_2378