The Bhutanese don’t celebrate Christmas as it’s a Buddhist nation. In fact, their calendar is quite different. We’ve spotted one lone, small Christmas tree in a new restaurant but that’s it. I’m missing the elaborate Christmas decorations, sparkly tinsel and traditional Christmas fare back home.

Zeph and Zsa Zsa are at the kennels enjoying themselves. I’ve been in regular contact with their breeder and she tells me that Zeph is awaiting his cigar LOL. His puppies will be born on New Year’s Eve. Zsa Zsa, who I admit was a little on the rotund side, has apparently slimmed down. The challenge will be to keep the weight off her as she loves her food.

So Christmas in Bhutan. We’ll be going to Paro to stay for a few days. It’s about one hour from Thimphu and is a much nicer place in my view. The streets are flat (although you can still fall into a few holes) and there are lovely handicraft shops. We’re going to stay in a hotel that is over a 100 years old and I’ll get some photos for you.

Meanwhile, the colours of Bhutan. Incredible. You get used to the vibrant yellows, the fuchsia pinks, the emerald greens. But when you look at your photos, the first thought is wow, look at those colours.

So if you celebrate Christmas, a very merry Christmas to you and I leave you with some photos of the colours of Bhutan.

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