A surprise package was waiting for me on my return home to NZ this week. It’s from my blogging and beauty pal, Maria, who lives in Moscow. We first “met” on this blog when she recommended I try Kiko Milano Soft Focus Compact Wet & Dry Foundation. I was working in Rome at the time and rushed to the Kiko store at Termini Station and picked it up in 02 Peach Pink. It’s been a favourite product ever since and, when Maria visited Italy recently, she kindly sent me another compact.

Somewhere in our conversations, Rouge Bunny Rouge came up. I’ve heard great things about this brand but didn’t know it was Russian until Maria told me. Don’t know why: but I thought it was British. So when I opened up the package and saw two RBR products; well, I think the neighbours probably heard my squeals of delight.

I’ve mentioned on this blog before that I have Russian heritage (mother’s side and from Saint Petersburg); that I visited the old Soviet Union; and that my Russian was reasonably good (it’s so rusty now, I’d be lucky if I could utter Dobre dyenprivyet! with a reasonable enough accent). So I’m very partial to anything Russian.

In the box were three packets of Russian confectionery and my eye went immediately to the brown packet and the pretty wrapped sweets covered with masks. I thought I remembered them but not sure if they were around in the 1990s. But I did remember my fondness for Russian confectionery – it’s not sickly sweet like some Western brands and the chocolate is very silky and refined. Sure enough, I opened this packet and scoffed a few sweets – the centre is soft fudge and covered in smooth chocolate. Bliss!

Maria also sent me a lipstick from the Rouge Bunny Rouge range plus an eyeshadow. She couldn’t have picked better colours. Perfectly gorgeous soft pink neutrals. The lipstick is FANTASTIC. HG status for me now. I was stunned by the creamy texture and shine. Did I mention SHINE? The lipstick in question is Sheer Lipstick in 004 Fluttering Sighs. Pigmentation is amazing and the formula is very moisturizing. Fluttering Sighs is a soft pink rose with a hint of gold glimmer. I’ll have to dig out a lipstick brush because consistency is soft – I’m afraid the lippie will break.

The eyeshadow is just a stunning neutral pink with a golden honey tint. In fact, it seems to flash different colours depending on the light. You could consider it a champagne colour but not boring champagne because there seems to be a hint of peach as well as pink. It’s a Long Lasting Eyeshadow When Birds Are Singing (yes, that’s the product range name) in the shade Angelic Cockatiels – all the eye shadows from this range are named after birds. Cute!

Angelic Cockatiel has a creamy consistency to it and glides on easily, imparting a soft shimmer. I’m surprised actually by the creamy consistency, which makes the eye shadow a cream-powder hybrid that is long-lasting. I’ve used it every day since the package arrived: as a base shade and I then use Makeup Geek’s Creme Brulee in the crease. A great combo for an everyday natural look.

Really impressive is the brand’s packaging – romantic and whimsical. Both the lippie and eyeshadow are contained in sturdy black and white plastic casing and the outer box has enchanting bunnies, butterflies, flowers and so on. A lot of thought has gone into design and it gives RBR an almost ArtΒ Nouveau look. Thankfully, the casing doesn’t have that rubbery feel of NARS’ packaging. I actually keep my Laguna Bronzer in its packaging to avoid any dust or dirt adhering to the casing and getting sticky.

SO hoping I can order off the RBR website and that they ship to New Zealand because I think I’ve just found my favourite brand thanks to Maria!


I LOVE that Maria used a Clarins box! I plan to recycle and send it back to her with some goodies in it.


Opening the box!


This packet of sweets is almost gone. Yummo!


Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadow and lippie.


Stunning attention to design.


The colour of the lipstick hasn’t turned out in this photo – it’s a much softer, paler pink.