Overlooking Thimphu, Bhutan – perched high up on a mountain – is a HUGE golden Buddha statue. It’s still under construction and 25,000 small Buddha statues will be housed inside this humongous Buddha.

On my last day in Thimphu, I visited the golden Buddha, which has commanding long-distance valley views. With the gold flashing in the sun, I strolled across the large platform that leads up to the statue and marvelled at its size (169ft or 51m). It will be the world’s largest and tallest Buddha. Bhutanese colleagues tell me that there will be meditation halls and opportunities for communal reflection.

Everyone in Thimphu is excited to see the Buddha monument completed as Buddhism is such a central part of Bhutanese life.


Beautiful views overlooking Thimphu.


The world’s largest and tallest Buddha statue.


My iPhone didn’t quite capture the blurb about the statue.


Side view – still under construction.