I mentioned recently that Zeph was expecting his cigar on New Year’s Eve. After completing his stud duties, Zeph was to be the proud father of puppies. The breeder was super-excited because Zeph and the mum-to-be, Nova (hate using the term “bitch”) are both from a solid English lineage. And Zeph has a magnificent head (according to the breeder and, naturally, me!). So we were all waiting to see the gorgeous puppies.

Whilst I was in Bhutan, on December 26 I think, Nova gave birth but there were serious complications. She’s a first-time mum and I really don’t know the full story as I haven’t wanted to ask the breeder too many questions – she has been extremely upset.

The first puppy was born alive via C-section but the other five were all dead. So terribly sad. Apparently, vets don’t like to do C-sections within 60 or 48 hours of birth (not sure which as I was too shocked listening to the breeder tell the sorry tale of the puppies). I think there was some thought that if the C-section had been done earlier, the puppies might have survived. The puppies were large so that might have been the complication.

Nova was very sick but bravely nursed her one wee pup. Unfortunately, she cannot have any more puppies. When we picked up Zeph and Zsa Zsa from the kennels on our return, we were allowed to see Zeph’s one puppy: his daughter. She has been named Maybe and is black and white just like her mum. She is a very special girl! When the photo below was taken, Maybe was less than a week old and had not opened her eyes yet. Too cute!