I succumbed. After 5 weeks in Bhutan, I decided to go into Christchurch for some retail therapy. I try to stay away from shops and malls; really I do. But I was happy to be back in a city where I can get a great cappuccino and spend a few hours just chilling – without dodging street dogs or navigating giant holes in pavements.

Unfortunately for me, LUSH was having some sort of sale and this meant some products were 50% off. I shouldn’t have walked in but yep, I did. The LUSH girls know me well and remarked that they hadn’t seen me in some time. We were chatting about Bhutan when I saw that Karma soap was 50% off and you know how I love me some Karma soap. And…Karma Komba shampoo was also 50% off. I LOVE this shampoo although I don’t like the SLS factor.

Also 50% off were two Limited Edition shower gels: Twilight and Rose Jam. Twilight I’ve used before but not Rose Jam, which was part of the Christmas holiday collection. Only the small 100g bottles of Rose Jam were left but my favourite gal in the LUSH shop told me she had the large 500g size in the storeroom. She also had Twilight 500g tucked away in there.

Out they came from the storeroom and I’ve been using Rose Jam every day. What a find. I’ve read that some people find the rose scent of this shower gel a little overwhelming. Not me. I think because the Sicilian Lemon oil tones down the floral sweetness of the rose and imparts a fresh, uplifting tang. Argan Oil gives it a moisturising quality, whilst vanilla and goji berry keep it from being Old Nana powdery. Rose Jam lingers quietly on your skin for a few hours. Apparently, you can use it as a shampoo and bubble bath. Once I finish Rose Jam, I’ll move onto Twilight, which is a very calming lavender scent.

I bought two large slices of Karma soap and the Karma Komba solid shampoo (both 50% off and will be stored for later use). I also snapped up a large tub of Big shampoo as I have read such great reviews and have wanted to try it for quite some time. Big shampoo uses sea salt to give fine hair like mine some volume; along with lime juice to impart shine. Another great LUSH find for me – I’ve been using it every time I wash my hair and it certainly does give me that big Texas hair look (well, sort of). What I really like is that just a tiny amount, scooped from the tub, lathers up very well, so the product is economical and it smells like the ocean on a balmy tropical day.

I also bought Popcorn lip scrub. Really, I should make my own but I’ve used many of these little LUSH pots to exfoliate my lips. I can’t stand dry, flaky lips and this caramel-tasting lip scrub is a no-brainer. It’s scrumptious. Pop some on the lips, lightly scrub, then lick or wipe off. I use it at night, followed by my HG of lip balms – Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Cream.

So now the retail therapy is out of my system LOL.

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