Zeph has a new girlfriend. Of course, he is a very handsome English Pointer, so he tends to attract the ladies. One young lady in particular has her eye on my boy, Zeph – Asha.

She belongs to a new horsey pal of mine. She’s Zeph’s age (three) and can outrun him. This is something Zeph finds very appealing as he gets to chase her all over the property. I’d say that Asha is one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met. Such a friendly, happy temperament.

The other day, my friend visited and I knew she was here by Zeph’s reaction. He heard the car, bounded out the front door and, next thing I knew, rushed in with Asha. They spent the day together: playing, relaxing and sitting on a Persian carpet in the living room. Zeph adopted his Sphinx pose as you can see from the photo below.

Diva dog, Zsa Zsa, is less than impressed by this romance. She’s not sure if she likes Asha. They sniff and check each other out but little ZZ prefers to hang out with me when Asha visits. True to say, Zsa Zsa isn’t the most social of dogs as she takes awhile to warm up. But I make sure she socialises as much as possible.


Zeph with his lady love, Asha.