Maybe is Zeph’s new daughter and I told you the tale of her birth in a recent post. The Z Team (as Zeph and Zsa Zsa are called) went to puppy day care this week. Yep, they’re no longer puppies but I let them think they are still young at heart. Zeph is now 3 years old and Zsa Zsa will be three on Valentine’s Day.

As we arrived at the breeder’s kennels, she came out with Maybe. She’s now three weeks old, her eyes are open and she wriggles around like a worm. I have to say she is the cutest pup I’ve seen in a long time. The breeder is very pleased as she has Zeph’s head and tail. I’ve come to learn that the English Pointer show world is like the Beauty Pageant world – it’s all about the looks. Apparently, Zeph has a good Pointer head and, when he is stacked in the show ring, he adopts a great pose. Mind you, we don’t do the shows anymore as I was fed up with the dog pageant people. It can be a nasty business if you ask me.

Back to Maybe. The breeder held onto her, whilst I acted like some weird Dog Grandmother. I oohed and aahed and called Maybe the world’s prettiest puppy in the sort of voice one adopts when carrying on about newborn babies. Maybe gazed at me with dark black eyes that make you just melt and she stuck out one paw, which I promptly took hold of and continued with the silly oohing and aahing. I couldn’t believe the nails on such a tiny pup.

By this stage, Zeph and Zsa Zsa were in our car, ready to go home. I caught sight of Zeph staring out the window at Maybe and wondered if he realises that this wee pup is his one and only daughter. I can’t wait to see her grow and meet her dad, Zeph.


The breeder holds up the world’s prettiest pup, Maybe.


Maybe turns her penetrating gaze towards me.


Check out those nails!