Miss Rosie and Zeph have a new horsey pal, Beau. He belongs to a young girl who often rides Muff and Karma and she brought Beau over today so we could trim him. I trimmed Miss Rosie’s hooves first and they weren’t too bad, considering my last trim was the day before I went to Bhutan (so about seven weeks).

Beau is super bold and confident but I think he has short horse syndrome – he’s rather full of himself LOL. He strutted around and was curious about everything. When Miss Rosie came up to the stable area, she stopped at the round yard to check out the small object occupying space. She sniffed and I expected the mare squeal but no, she decided Beau wasn’t at all interesting and sauntered off to the stables for her pedicure.

Meanwhile, poor old Zeph was very confused. He rushed up to the stables as he loves spending time with the horses. But he did a double-take when he saw Beau. It wasn’t Saffy; it wasn’t Karma or Muff. Was it a new canine pal?

Zeph quietly approached. He stretched out to sniff Beau and, when he turned around, Zeph was a little wary. Beau was curious and wanted to sniff Zeph. They touched noses and that was that. Zeph raced off to find Zsa Zsa and Beau had his pedicure.


What are you strange little object?


Zeph isn’t too sure – horse or canine?