It’s a bit sad. I said goodbye to my little man, Muff, today. I didn’t intend to sell him but, about two months ago, a woman and her 5 year old daughter bought some hay from us and they spotted Muff, who was in the round yard at the time. The mother asked if he was for sale. I hesitated.

Up until today, I had five horses and they are my family. Each one has a distinct personality and I spend time with them all and ride Miss Rosie. A teenage girl, who lives a few houses away, has ridden Muff for the last year or so and is now riding Karma. And, of course, Muff is the father of Saffy. So how could I part with him? But I thought that if Muff could go to a home with a young girl who would learn to ride him, then why not.

Mother and daughter visited Muff about five times and the mother (who is a competition dressage rider) said her five year old daughter is horse mad. Ultimately, she wants her daughter to learn to ride and do the whole pony club thing.

What clinched it for me was their visit just after our return from Bhutan. The little girl wanted a Little Muff as a Christmas present – a small toy horse in the colour of Muff’s coat, which is dun-coloured. Her mum had to get out a black marker to paint the tail and mane Muff’s rich black colour. That was so cute. And so, after seeing them together over a period of weeks, I came to the conclusion that it is the right time for Muff to move on to a home where he will be given sole attention. With my herd, it’s the mares that dominate and Muff is often on the outer edges. In his new home, he’ll be top dog (so to speak) and be given great schooling.

So today, I said goodbye to Muff. Saffy was a little upset when he went off in the float. I looked towards the paddock to see her running around furiously. She never does that so I believe she knew that her Dad was leaving. But I have an invitation to go see Muff any time I like – he’ll be living about 20 minutes away.

The teenage girl who rides Muff regularly came to say goodbye and we both had a tear in the eye as the float went down the driveway.


The little girl was SO excited today when they came to pick up Muff.


Muff is very gentle and protective of her.


Happiness together! I know they will have a great and loving partnership.