I know people: nearly a week since my last post. I just seem to be rushing around doing – well, whatever! I sold Muff; I’ve been preparing for a keynote talk I’ll be giving at a conference in Hong Kong in late March; I’ve been trimming my remaining four horses; riding a bit on Miss Rosie; and – in breaking news – even riding Karma!

Who knew Karma was such a great little horse to ride. She’s as solid as a rock and loves hooning around traffic cones in a figure eight. Much easier to jump off too as she’s lower to the ground.

And I’ve been rushing around setting up something that I should have news on in the next couple of months. Big secret until then! But back to today’s post about little Zsa Zsa or ZeeZee as I often call her. Or Miss Diva Dog. Or Sweet Pea. Take your pick: she loves them all.

Really, I can’t believe it but she turned three years old on Valentine’s Day. It seems just like yesterday that she arrived home with us from the breeder’s kennels. She was three months old then and still a tiny, plump puppy. Now, she’s an elegant, more mature lady with the most wonderful temperament. She’s exceptionally loyal and follows me everywhere (and I do mean EVERYWHERE LOL!). For her birthday, she received a special bone (as did Zeph) and another fleecy blanket to luxuriate on. Zsa Zsa has a collection of fleecy blankets from around the world (as you do hahaha).

Because she was born on Valentine’s Day, I was originally going to name her Valentina. But the moment I clamped eyes on her, I knew she was Zsa Zsa. Just like Zsa Zsa Gabor, the glamorous Hollywood actress I named her after – a bit flamboyant, stunningly beautiful and a tad quirky. That’s my Zsa Zsa for you – happy third birthday little ZeeZee.


If you insist on taking my photo – but I’m not sure this is my best angle!!!